CDS Line Tube

Cold Drawn Seamless Hydraulic Line Tube

CDS Hydraulic Line Tubes are a high quality Seamless Cold Drawn precision tube which is popular in hydraulic applications such as oil and water conveying and pneumatic applications, though they can also be used for a wide range of other applications.

Hydraulic Steels CDS Hydraulic Line tubes have been normalised to improve their suitability for bending. All Tubes are E235 annealed cad plated, shot, oiled and capped and meet International Standards. All tubes depending on their wall thickness can handle very high working pressures.

CDS is common in hydraulics, being used in hollow telescopic cylinders transfer of hydraulic fluid around various pieces of equipment. Cold Drawn Seamless steel tube and pipe is not suitable for load bearing applications.

Size Range carried (imperial sizes only):

  • Outside Diameter: 6.35mm OD to 38.1mm OD
  • Wall thickness: 0.9mm to 3.25mm
  • Steel grade: E235 (ST37.4)
  • Delivery condition: +N (Normalised)
  • Stocked in 6000mm lengths

Hydraulic tubes from stock, cut to order and delivered fast!

Tubes are externally coated with a chrome free (CF6) Zinc coating of 8 to 12 micron and subsequently passivated or chromated, combined with temporary corrosion protection (inhibitor containing mineral) for resistance against white corrosion.

Factor of Safety = 3:1. This is based upon the following design tensile properties given in ASTM A179/A179M – Tensile Strength (min) 350Mpa; Yield Strength (min) 235Mpa. These tensile strengths are used to calculate working pressures by Barlow’s thin wall formula. This information is offered as a guide only to end users but should not be used in lieu of design calculations for each specific application.

Hydraulic Steels can also source other sizes and steels grades in Cold Drawn Seamless which may be suitable for many other applications. Contact us today for all your CDS Hydraulic Steel needs!